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Posted on: January 25, 2008 4:42 pm

Terrelle Pryor Is A Piece Of Crap

I swear, as a Wilmington Area School District graduate, it was tough to see them lose that fateful day in the semi-finals against Jeannette. But it hurt even more to see such a classless kid administer it. The kid was signing autographs at his own BOOTH, signed his cleats and tossed them into the crowd, and jawed off to anyone with an ear, much less two. This kid is going to get punished in the NCAA and NFL for his big mouth and i can't wait to see it happen. There's something the kids in Jeannette, including their coach, don't realize about next year either. Terrelle Pryor fell into their lap and he's about to fall right back out. I'm glad the Greyhounds are set for yet another playoff run (looking for a third consecutive District 10 Championship) as the Jayhawks get ready to fall off the face of the earth. Their mouths will still be open next year but it'll be more of a jaw drop than anything else.

Moral Of The Story: Terrelle Pryor is about as classy as Jack The Ripper.
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