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Posted on: January 30, 2008 1:18 am

Super Bowl Musings - Wednesday - MVP Breakdown

Another day of late-night blogging, another exhausting day. It is exceedingly hard to find a macbook in western PA/east OH. I ended up in Pittsburgh after starting out in New Castle and over to Boardman... What a day. Anyway, you aren't here to hear about my life. If i blogged that on here, i wouldn't be getting such praise from Shuless Joe, whom I thank for another shout-out in his daily weekday blog While You Were Sleeping. Here it comes, Ladies and Gents. Here's where the fights start. Cowboys fans, claim your superiority to others as your team gets 7 MVPs, 3 more than ANY other team in the league. Georgia, Alabama, Michigan, Notre Dame fans, rejoice as you read.

Positional Breakdown

  • 21 Quarterbacks
  • 7 Runnings Backs
  • 5 Wide Receivers
  • 2 Defensive Ends
  • 2 Linebackers
  • 2 Safeties
  • 1 Cornerback
  • 1 Defensive Tackle
  • 1 Return Specialist

MVP-Producing Teams (By amount of MVPs)
  1. Dallas Cowboys -7 - co-MVP's once and MVP on a losing team
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers - 4
  3. Oakland/L.A. Raiders - 3
  4. San Francisco 49ers - 3
  5. Washington Redskins - 3
  6. Denver Broncos - 2
  7. Green Bay Packers - 2
  8. Miami Dolphins - 2
  9. New England Patriots - 2
  10. New York Giants - 2
  11. Baltimore Ravens - 1
  12. Chicago Bears - 1
  13. Indianapolis Colts - 1
  14. Kansas City Chiefs - 1
  15. New York Jets - 1
  16. St. Louis Rams - 1
  17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 1

Award-Winning MVPs
  • 16 Hall Of Fame players
  • 12 retired, eligible for Hall Of Fame
  • 7 Active Players
  • 2 Retired, not yet eligible for Hall Of Fame
  • 4 Heisman Trophy winners
Schools Producing 3 MVP Awards (Not Players)
  • Georgia
Jake Scott, SBXII -- Terrell Davis, SBXXXII -- Hines Ward, SBXL

  • Alabama
Bart Starr, SBI-SBII -- Joe Namath, SBIII

  • Michigan
Desmond Howard, SBXXXI -- Tom Brady SBXXXVI-SBXXXVIII

  • Notre Dame

In the end, Quarterbacks are overwhelmingly chosen as MVP, and the top 3 most chosen posititions are all offensive. There has yet to be a kicker, punter, offensive lineman, or tight end chosen as MVP. Georgia is the only college to produce three different MVPs. The Crimson Tide can say they dominated the first three superbowls as Alabama QBs not only won the first three Bowls, but had them named MVP. Notre Dame may claim the high pedigree award or possibly the one-hit wonder award as they've bred a QB who won three superbowls, the only bowls a Notre Dame player has won. When it comes down to it, Michigan might pull away from the pack as MVP-producing college if Brady comes through this Sunday in Phoenix. All I know is that i've got 20 on Tennessee. I've been letting it ride. haha.

Super Bowl Musings Schedule

Wednesday -- Breakdown of MVPs
Thursday -- 10 Most Interesting Super Bowls
Friday -- Super Bowl Controversies/Oddities
Saturday -- Preview Of Super Bowl XXXXII

Also, I understand Thursday's topic may be a little overdone, but c'mon it's not easy compiling these things so late at night! I've gotta take a little break somehow! I'll be back in full force Friday with a full report on Super Bowl Controversies and Oddities. Saturday will be the preview of the Big Game and i'm contemplating running a drive-by-drive blog as the game runs (simply editing after each new drive), so after the game, the losers can grasp at straws as they find aspects in which they won. Best of luck to both teams and safe travels this week and weekend. Christian, your personal unrewarded workhorse, will be back tomorrow providing you information that will be wiped out by that headache Monday morning. haha. I suppose
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